Using the web to Make your business globally operable.

What is Standalone & and Web Application!

Standalone Application

In the past decade when there was internet is not so common people use standalone applications (desktop software), a standalone application needs to be installed on every system, and makes it hard to maintain. When a system needs to be replaced or reinstalled in the event of a system crash or a virus attack, the applications also needs to be reinstalled. A standalone application runs on a desktop environment such as windows, Linux or Mac platforms. The standalone application architecture, where the application runs on the client as well as the processing of data, due to this it performs very fast and this is the main advantage of standalone applications.

(Example of Standalone Application: Tally (Accounting Software), Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and many other custom developed applications)

Web Application

Web Technologies, (also known as Web Application Development, Web app Development or Web Portal Development) particularly the Internet, have become an important part of the business world over the past few years.
What is a ‘Web application?’ By definition, it is something more than just a ‘Web site.’ It is nothing but a software installed on the web server (Instead of your personal computer) and accessed by a web browser(Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) to take input values from a user (client) and get processed on the server(web server) and return the results to the user(client).
It is called a client/server application that uses a Web browser as its client program, and performs an interactive service by connecting with servers over the Internet (or Intranet). The most important benefit of the web application is, it can be accessed from anywhere if you able to connect to the internet and you have a web browser installed on your computer or laptop.

Why You Need a Web Application!

By using the web applications, you can develop your business and become simpler, and achieve its objectives much faster. You need a web application if you want to operate your business online. It is not possible to see a live business operation like sales, purchases, profits and loss statements world wide unless having a proper web application.
With the help of web application, you can see how much orders you have in hand, stock in your warehouses, the performance of your sales team and a lot what ever custom reports you want, you can see all this from anywhere over the world.

Professional Web Apps Development by Vision Softway

At Vision Softway, we analyze your business operations step by step, we discuss, we spent some time with you to understand what problem you are facing with manual operations and we will get back to you with bright ideas and a perfect web based solution. We choose the right technology which suits the technical requirements and gives maximum functionality to the web application. We have perfected our delivery processes, we valued your time and deliver the application on committed time. The application developed by us are fast performing, user-friendly, smart functioning and a great sensible design(GUI) which suits your business domain.