Correct Methods helps to increase accuracy in work.


Our well defined developed process guarantees that the website project designed and developed by us will run smoothly and successfully. Please get informed and familiarize with the process below to understand everything that goes into creating a website. Understanding our process will also help you learn what to expect and what to provide regarding your required contribution to the project.



We analyze your business and your target market’s requirements. At this movement, we need some of your valuable time to spend with our business analyst, if you have a tight schedule you can have a telephonic discussion or email conversations.


We get understood your requirements and needs better. After the requirements determination, we decide the time frame to complete the project, which technology to use for the website project, domain name availability and prepare the quotation for your project and present you in soft copy and hard copy.


Based on the requirement analysis data, we start the back end analysis process, that includes, determine the factor that will best serve your website, we look at the trends in the market and we do the competitor analysis, we find out your target audience for website, we take time to think outside the box and find out what can be the best for present and future. Based on all of this analysis, we build our strategies. At this stage, we design the primary navigation for your website and prepare contents for the website.


Once the strategies built, we follow it strictly. We design the home page theme layout to present you in JPG (Image) format. Once we have received your acceptance of the detailed design, we go ahead to the HTML development and contents management phase. We design the website navigation structure, website framework, style sheets and etc. and the project goes to Pre-deployment phase. We upload the website home page developed in HTML 5 on our web domain folder for your review. Once we received your acceptance we design other pages of a website and the project is almost complete.


In the procedure of testing the web project, we check it from various aspects like bugs and errors in coding, overall look & feel, design balance and consistency, responsive design testing, load performance, internal linking, SEO keywords, meta tags, pages titles, images links and text contents and etc. Once the final set of testing completed the project goes for execution and deployment.


At this stage, we upload your website on our web hosting server that means your website will be live online. If we have advanced requirements in hand for the same project like SEO, Social Media Marketing so we start the work immediately which helps to generate the traffic on your website and make your website ROI oriented.